Why are linens so expensive to rent?  Find out here.

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Why are linens so expensive to rent? Find out here.

Events By Design often has people contact us in regards to renting tablecloths, coverings or linens.  Most are impressed with our collection and our eagerness to work with them on colors, sizes and decor ideas.  Sometimes however people will say "why are they so expensive to rent?" or they will respond with, "I can buy them online cheaper than that."  My response to them is this:  I encourage anyone to purchase their linens on line if they have the time, perseverance and patience to prepare them for their event.  

DIY Preparation: shop for and choose, order, choose shipping, pay bill, open package, oops forgot to order enough, order more, find out all of them are wrinkled and compressed in small plastic bags, open, wash, dry, iron, iron, iron, iron, iron, steam, steam, steam and steam, figure out how to fold them so they won't wrinkle, and now...how do I transport them to my event without spoiling all my hard work? Doesn't sound like much. But now, remember the number of linens you have but more importantly add this to the number of things you need to do to set your wedding or event up.  

As I mentioned earlier, "time, perseverance and patience". Yes, time, perseverance and patience are all a must considering that a wedding with an average of 100 guests with reception guest seating, tables for food, beverages, gifts, cake, greeting table would require approximately 60 to 80 yards of fabric depending on table drape, shape and size. That's alot of ironing!  I encourage anyone to do their own linens but just be sure to plan for the extra time they take.  Also, have a plan in place for what to do with them after your event. Can I use them again?, can I sell them? 

So why budget for this rental expense:  we provide the linens, take the time to prepare them just right for your event with our steamers, irons, work area, transport and the expertise in people who make it happen.  So really the expense of the linen rental is not made up in the buying of the product itself, so much as it is the time, work and knowledge to prepare and transport them for your event. Plus, beautiful linens are one of the first things your guests see at your guestbook table, alter or cake table and the very foundation of your reception table decorations if not your decorations as a whole.


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